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A Night in the Prince's Bed

A Night in the Prince's Bed

Description : A Night in the Prince's Bed

‘This is wrong.’ Aksel’s eyes rested on her slender figure and her rose-flushed face. ‘You should not havee to Storvhal.’

Mina felt sick as the realisation sank in that he was rejecting her. ‘Last night—’ she began. But he cut her off.

‘Last night was a mistake that I am not going to repeat.’


Mina was unaware of the raw emotion in her voice, and Aksel schooled his features to hide the pang of guilt he felt.

She bit her lip. Her pride demanded that she should accept his rejection and try to salvage a little of her dignity, but she did not understand why he had suddenly backed off. ‘Is it because I’m deaf? You desired me when you didn’t know about my hearing loss,’ she reminded him when he frowned. ‘What else am I supposed to blame for your sudden change of heart?’

‘My heart was never involved,’ he said bluntly. ‘Learning of your hearing impairment is not the reason why I can’t have sex with you again.’

‘Then what is the reason?’ The frustration Mina had felt as a child when she had first lost her hearing surged through her again now. She wished she could hear Aksel. It wasn’t that she had a problem reading his lips, but not being able to hear his voice made her feel that there was a wide gulf between them.

‘I can’t have an affair with you. I am the Prince of Storvhal, and my loyalty and duty must be to my country.’