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A Possessive Billionaire

A Possessive Billionaire

Description : A Possessive Billionaire
Olivia Dean

A Possessive Billionaire

Vol. 1-3

1. To us...

I watch how the passengers change as the subway stations go by. The tourists got off a little while ago, and now I'm alone with the natives. Several stations ago, the suits and tailored skirts replaced the sweatshirts. A far cry from the bohemian Paris I dreamed of when I started studying. But oh well, I’ve been lucky enough to have my thesis accepted and even luckier to have found a place to live, I’m not going toplain if it’s in a ritzy neighborhood.

Monceau: this is where I get off. Wow! It’s fancy. Extremely glitzy. Lots of tall, bicentenary buildings with huge doors. Here’s the park and the avenue with the same name…This is the one! I ring the bell that says “Loge” for the building caretaker, who responds immediately.

“Hi, I’m Emma Maugham, I have an appointment with…” She doesn’t let me finish. The massive door opens with an ominous creak and I meet her in the marble foyer. She's wearing a meticulously tailored skirt suit, she almost looks like an English governess. Good lord, is everyone in this neighborhood dressed to the nines? She walks me to the elevator.

“It’s on the 5th floor. Generally, whoever lives in your room uses the service elevator, but it will be out of order until the construction work is finished. Mr. Delmonte has agreed to share the elevator with you.” What a nice guy, this Delmonte.

I haven’t seen my cousin in years, I wonder what she looks...