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All the Pretty Lies

All the Pretty Lies

Description : All the Pretty Lies

“Ohmigod, I can’t believe you’re going through with this,” my best friend Sarah says as I pull open the glass door to the tattoo parlor.

Although I would never admit it to her, I actually get a little chill when I step over the threshold. I’ve never been into a tattoo shop before, so I don’t know what the others are like, but this one is pretty intimidating. The music is loud, the counter is black and every fixture in sight is chrome. I swallow my sudden burst of nerves and push myself forward.

It’s reassuring that this place, The Ink Stain,es very highly rmended. And it’s easy to see why when I let my eyes run over the amazing art work that covers the walls.

Somebody’s got some talent!

“Are you sure you want to do this, Sloane? I mean, your dad will kick your ass if he finds out,” Sarah continues. When I stop suddenly to look back at her, she nearly runs into me. “Shit!” she exclaims, pulling up before we bump chests. She was busy examining the walls, too.

“Number one, Dad can’t kick my ass. As of …” I glance around the neon-lighted interior of the shop, looking for a clock. When I find one that’s in the shape of a skull with cross bones for hands, I squint to read what it says. “Seven minutes ago, I’m officially beyond the control of the thick-headed Locke men. And this is my first act of independence.”

“More like rebellion,” Sarah snorts.

“Semantics,” I say with a dismissive wave of my hand. “Either way, I’m getting this damn tattoo...

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