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At His Warning

At His Warning

Description : At His Warning
“Maybe you didn’t hear me, Lex? I said, let her go.” Chase Drake stood still as a statue, his eyes blazing with dangerous intent as he surveyed the scene before him.

Lex held me tight for a moment longer, then let out a nervous chuckle and eased his grip.

“What’s the matter, Chase? Can’t keep track of your girl?”

I jerked my arm away and stumbled away from him, staring daggers at the man who may just have ruined one of the best things to ever happen to me when he grabbed me and kissed me. What was his game? Why would he do this to his partner? Hell, why would he do this to me? I’d barely met the man, but here he was trying to destroy one of the best things to ever happen to me.

My head still swam from that last shot of whiskey, but I braced myself against the wall of the hallway. The shock of the past few minutes had helped clear away some of the spinning queasiness, but I didn’t trust myself not to swerve on my heels just yet.

“It seems it’s you I can’t keep track of,” Mr. Drake spat. “Why, Lex? Why must you always try to ruin me? All the women I’ve dated, you’ve tried to steal away. Didn’t you realize it just showed me how fickle they all were instead of breaking me? How they were only interested in my wealth if you could tempt them away so easily?”

Lex’s eyes narrowed, the muscles in his jaw tightening. “Is it...

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