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Avenger's Heat

Avenger's Heat

Description : Avenger's Heat
I owe a huge thank-you to my wonderful editor, Danielle Perez, for her guidance with this story. I’m also incredibly grateful to the New American Library art department for the gorgeous cover. You all never disappoint. Thank you to my agent, Jill Marsal, for her continuous support. For my readers, words fall short, but thank you for loving the Moon Shifter world as much as I do. You guys are amazing and I’m so appreciative of your kind e-mails. Kari Walker, thank you for reading the early version of this story and being the biggest cheerleader anyone could ask for. Cynthia Eden, thank you for that first research trip we took to New Orleans! I can’t wait for our next trip back. For my husband and son, who put up with my insane writer’s schedule, thank you a billion times over. And as always, thank you to God for His never-ending support.

Chapter 1

Erin Flynn shot the tall male shifter next to her a quick glance as yet another female they passed on the street gave him an assessing, purely sexual look. Since they’d arrived in New Orleans an hour ago it had been the same reaction from practically every woman they’de across. A few men too. Not that she blamed any of them, even if she did have a sudden urge to claw their eyes out.

Simply put, Noah Campbell was smoking hot. Tall, broad shoulders, sharp cheekbones, inky black hair a woman could easily imagine running her fingers through, and perfect olive coloring that showed off his...

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