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Babygirl and the Mean Boss

Babygirl and the Mean Boss

Description : Babygirl and the Mean Boss
Nicole hopped off her bike while it was virtually still rolling. Quickly she secured it to the bike rack and hurried into the restaurant, hoping to go unnoticed.

She hated being late for work. Her Boss, Marty, was an hole. She didn’t like giving him a reason to turn his critical eye on her.

She entered through the back door and hurried to the coat rack where she hung up her things. She slipped on an apron and hit the floor.

Marty was at the huge grill, which was his permanent station. Rarely did he allow anyone to take over his realm, which meant he worked almost every day from opening to closing.

Nicole didn’t understand him one bit. He owned The Down Home Calabash, but never had the free time to enjoy the benefits of being a business owner. Maybe that’s why he was such an !

She washed her hands. Marty called over his shoulder without even looking at her.

“You got three orders in Nicole. Stat!”

Annoyed, she thought to herself, ‘What do you want, clean hands or quick food?’

Fred was at their shared work station finishing up a Caesar salad. He worked days while she did nights. Nicole and Fred worked the cold bar and prep station, which other then the grill was the most important position in the kitchen. He gave her a big crooked smile which she returned. The tall lean black man was her best friend at the restaurant—and probably her only friend. He was someone who treated her with the respect that she was unaccustomed to. If she cared to look back on her short but rocky life Nicole would see that all there had...