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Beneath Him

Beneath Him

Description : Beneath Him


To my friends who hold me together.


Someone once told me that we are only as good as we believe ourselves to be.

I’ve let myself forget for too long.

Chapter One


The guy standing in front of me was about to get smacked across the back of the head.

Yes, I knew I was only 5’2”—barely.

Yes, I knew I slapped like a girl—obviously, because I had the girl parts to back that up.

Yes, he looked like he was built like a brick wall and could probably knock me down with a single finger if I started any trouble. But he was seriously pissing me off.

The rude tone of voice he was using to speak to the young girl behind the counter, like she was beneath him, was rubbing me the wrong way.

Anyone with half a brain knew you didn’t give attitude to the person who served you. Not unless you wanted to find something in your drink that didn’t belong there. So, either this guy had half a brain or he was just a huge snob.

I was going to go with the latter, considering he was dressed in an expensive, navy suit that could probably pay my rent for a month. The Rolex that I spied around his wrist could easily pay my rent for a year. High roller. Jack ass.

“I specifically asked for my coffee black, so why is there milk in it?” His tone was scathing, and aplete overreaction to the situation....