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Billionaire Games Boxed Set

Billionaire Games Boxed Set

Description : Billionaire Games Boxed Set
JULIAN DE LAURENT HAD LOST FAITH IN HIS PLAN. He thought the ad he’d placed in the L.A. Trades, looking for a regal-type actress for an extended gig abroad, would bring out the finest America had to offer. So far that hadn’t happened, at least in Los Angeles.

Evident by the young lady who’d just left his table in the back corner of Donato’s, a high-end bistro on the coast just south of Malibu. The scent of her cheap perfume lingered long after she’d gone and snuffed out the more pleasing aroma of the fresh grilled Panini Julian had dined on for lunch. Between her fragrance and her appearance, Vanessa Indigo had failed miserably at meeting Julian’s standards.

Not that there was anything wrong with her blue-tipped hair and excessive tattoos, but Julian needed a woman with an air of sophistication. His choice had to look and act like she’d been groomed for one thing—to marry into the de Laurent family.

In addition to her savoir-faire, it would help if she had fine hips and long legs. He didn’t particularly care about the size of her breasts. They could be small, medium or large. Her mouth was more important. Kissable lips, or the lack thereof, was a deal-breaker. Her hair color wasn’t a factor. Neither were her eyes. He just had to look into them and see love.

The girl he chose would have to be one hell of an actress if he hoped to convince Papa.

Julian was ready to wind up the interviews when a young blonde walked through the entrance. Every physical trait he’d deemed important was wrapped in cultured class.


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billionaire games boxed set
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