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Billionaire Husband Test

Billionaire Husband Test

Description : Billionaire Husband Test
“Don’t leave love up to luck. With the help of my firm and heavily testedputer algorithms, you will have a ninety-nine point nine percent chance of finding your perfect match.” The attractive young woman, wearing a soft gray business suit and standing in front of the white board, clicked a hand-held remote control. A picture of a couple embracing at sunset on a beach materialized on the white surface. “What do you think? Willing to give my program a shot?”

“I don’t know.” Cooper Johnson sat at the conference table with the other members of the Billionaires Anonymous Club. “Am I the only one who thinks this is a bad idea?”

“Mr. Johnson—” Leslie Lamb began.

“Call him Coop. All his friends call him that.” Maxwell Smithson grinned.

“For the sake of argument, give my friend Leslie the benefit of the doubt.” Taggert Bronson rose to stand beside the presenter. “Think about it. Didn’t we all make the same plans? Work hard, work smart, make our first million by thirty, start a family by thirty-five…We’re all on track—only better–instead of millions, we made our billions by thirty.” Tag pointed to Gage Tate. “How’s that media empire going?” He nodded toward Sean O’Leary. “Your oil speculating has you sitting pretty, doesn’t it, Sean? And Coop, you and I are making billions on our financial investments. Have any of you even thought about the next...