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Billionaire Unmasked

Billionaire Unmasked

Description : Billionaire Unmasked
Midnight, New Year’s Eve, Amesport, Maine, 2014

Hope Sinclair desperately tried to draw her eyes away from the most attractive man she’d ever seen, and failed miserably. She knew him, had known him for most of her childhood, but she wasn’t a child anymore, and sweet Jesus!—neither was he.

Dammit. I have to stop staring at him. I’ll look in another direction in just a minute. I will. I will stop drooling over him.

Still, her eyes stayed riveted on Jason Sutherland, unable to pull her gaze away from the most breathtaking man on the planet. Hope tried to be subtle by taking a sip of champagne while she stared, but she was fairly certain her lust was pretty obvious. He was enthralling when he sported a pair of ripped jeans and t-shirt. In a tux at a New Year’s Eve party, he was overwhelmingly beautiful, heart-stopping—in a very male, unconsciously seductive kind of way. It wasn’t just his gorgeous face and ripped body that made women stare; it was the entire package. Every action, every word that came out of his mouth exuded confidence, a bold masculinity that no woman could seem to resist. His expression was predatory and cautious as he conversed with another man at the party, no sign of the sweet, genuine smile she knew he was capable of flashing. Obviously, he wasn’t talking to someone he knew; it was probably someone who wanted something from him, like most people generally did.

Her breath caught as she watched him nod his head abruptly at the man and stroll over to her brother, Dante. His expression morphed, changed into the charming man that she knew Jason could...