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Black Butterfly

Black Butterfly

Description : Black Butterfly
The Birthday Girl

He came out of nowhere. Caught in his tailwind, her foot slipped under her in an awkward twist. The savage bend of her ankle caused pain to slice through every tendon and muscle along her leg. In sheer panic, Sydney flapped her arms like some wild bird in a failed attempt to keep her balance. Desperate to grab something for support, the only option left was to snatch hold of the person next to her. At that moment a short woman with a crown of tightly wound silver hair walked by, pulling her small grocery cart toward the subway stairs.

Sydney clung to the lady’s coat. The stranger immediately withdrew in surprise, but Sydney held on.

Lucky for them both, Sydney’s grip offered enough support to keep them upright.

The ailant bolted, charging like a bull down the crowded sidewalk. Shoving a rancid overstuffed garbage can and unsuspecting pedestrians out of his way; he ran as if the devil himself were on his heels.

“Stop him! Police! Somebody stop him!” A shrill scream broke through the crowd. An Asian woman, short and thin with the stature of a child, raced out of her bodega, pointing after the fleeing teenager. She continued to scream at the top of her lungs.

Sydney struggled to regain her balance. “What happened?” she asked.

“Are you ok?” the silver-haired woman answered.

“I, um, I think so.” Sydney panted, a bit winded. A crowd had formed around the distraught...

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