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Blackmailed by the Billionaire Brewer

Blackmailed by the Billionaire Brewer

Description : Blackmailed by the Billionaire Brewer
She was real…

Matt DeLeo, ex-IT entrepreneur and billionaire microbrewer, clutched a paper bag of groceries to his chest as he jogged along Periwinkle Avenue, Sanibel. The early morning Florida sunshine was warm on his face and a grin spread across his lips.

No doubt about it: he was wide awake and his dream woman really did exist. The flame-haired goddess he’d left sleeping in his bed fifteen minutes earlier had soft curves, fragrant skin, and a cinnamon-sweet mouth. Even her name sent shivers of pleasure up his spine. Piper…Piper Reilly, the supple shell collector he’d watched from a distance over the last six days, was a revelation. When she’d finally stepped into the Parrot Bar last night and asked for a Long Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against a Cold Hard Wall with a Kiss, it was as if an atomic sex bomb had exploded in the room. She had stolen his breath and now, after a night of passion he would never forget, he was just a few yards away from breaking one of his own rules of engagement with women.

He was going to make the green-eyed siren breakfast.

He knew little about Piper Reilly, but he did know she didn’t drink beer and she hated the color pink. No problem, he could fix that. Living in Florida, she’d clearly never tasted any of his Colorado microbrewery’s beer.

Today, he felt great. This was the life, the reason why he’d made his millions in IT, quit working for other people, and started his own business. Three years of twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week had taken its toll, and he deserved his reward....