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Blind Date With A Bear

Blind Date With A Bear

Description : Blind Date With A Bear
Quinn Blackwood had finally given in and allowed his sister Deb to set him up on a blind date. He’d been reluctant because his sister was making somewhat of a reputation in the shifter world as a true mate matchmaker. He wasn’t sure he was quite ready to take that last and final step. The one that would end his bachelor days forever.

He did admit he was lonely. Starting to feel the weight of the years without someone to share his life. He’d never been in a hurry to find his true mate. Lately though, he’d grown tired of the superficial relationships he had with women. He was tired of the endless nights of nameless faces.

What would it hurt to start looking? It took some shifters years to find their mates, if they ever did. A shit-eating grin split his face. If he had to suffer through dating and banging a lot of beautiful women in the interim, who was he to argue with fate?

Besides, for this first date his sister had set him up with a co-worker. The chances of her being his mate weren’t great. The woman hadn’t been in town long and Deb had made it sound like he’d be doing the woman a favor by going out with her. Quinn got the impression she was a mousy kind of woman who found it hard to connect with men.

He held open the door for a group of women leaving the restaurant and bar, his smile widening when they gave him the once over. He returned thepliment.

Yup, starting out slow on his quest was good. He’d have a little more fun before he donned the mantel of responsibility that came with having a mate. After all,...