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Bound to the Prince

Bound to the Prince

Description : Bound to the Prince
Deep in the night, an elven prince lay by a lake, sound asleep.

Dreams wove their way into his peacefully resting mind, dreams of days long past, when he was a young knight living at his father’s court. King Bres of the Tuatha Dé Danann had attached great importance to his son’s education and insisted that Elathan was to be treated the same as any other warrior in his service, for he should not grow up to be pampered and weak. After all, Prince Elathan’s royal duty would be to defend Fearann, the lands of the Fae, and make sure that no human would ever cross the magic boundaries.

However, the king didn’t treat his son equally to the rest of the young warriors. Bres hadmanded that Elathan should train harder and longer than any of the others. The prince exercised with his weapons from the first ray of light until his body gave up and he broke down, totally exhausted. If he stopped fighting too soon, claiming to be tired, his teachers had been instructed to chain him to the wall of the armory and flog him until streams of blood ran over his back.

His wounds were to be treated by fairy healers afterwards, so he could continue his training the next day. Endless lessons in warfare alternated with hard physical exercise, with no time left for activities the prince had enjoyed so much previously. Elathan loved to ride his horse through the vast old forests surrounding the king’s fortress, and he liked to spend time with his beloved young cousin, Lady Ailidh.

Even in the prince's dream, her name caused a surge of pain to rip violently through his...

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