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Bride in a Gilded Cage

Bride in a Gilded Cage

Description : Bride in a Gilded Cage
DON RAFAEL ORTEGA ROMERO looked at the girl standing across the room from him. He knew she would be no different from her social peers in their privileged circles in Buenos Aires: rich and spoilt. She was paler than her contemporaries, but he guessed that came from her English father. Her mother, Maria Fuentes de la Roja, was Argentinian aristocracy through and through. His brain felt slightly fuzzy around the edges and he cursed himself mentally; one shot too many of whisky wasn't going to help him out of this predicament, or the feeling of entrapment he'd lived with for years.

It was Isobel Miller's eighteenth birthday tonight, and he'd finallye to meet her face to face. Because this was the woman...He amended that now with a twist in his gut. This was the girl he'd been promised to in marriage since he was eighteen years old.

'You can't make me marry you!'

Isobel's chest rose up and down with her agitated breath. She'd never felt so threatened and intimidated in her life. Her hands were clenched into fists at her sides, and she felt frumpy and awkward in the too tight and fussy satin dress her mother had made her wear for her birthday celebrations that night.

The man across the room just looked at her coolly and said, in a deep voice that sent a disturbing frisson of awareness through her, 'I'd like to say that your reluctance is refreshing, but I doubt you really mean that--especially when you know you have no choice in the matter. When your grandfather sold your family's estancia to my father, he rewrote your destiny.'...