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Description : Charmed
“Boxing - the act, activity, or sport of fighting with the fists, especially according to rules requiring the use of boxing gloves and limiting legal blows to those striking above the waist and on the front or sides of the opponent.”


1920 New York

The moment when the course of your life will be defined forever.

I was in that moment.

The pungent odor of sweat and adrenaline permeated the air around me. The crowd, sizeable and energized, bellowed. It was an all-epassing sound, the many individual voices creating a singular roar that echoed through the warehouse we occupied.

In just a few moments, my life was going to change forever. And damn, it was going to be sweet. Everyone here was going to know my name. After tonight they would say it with reverence, with awe. I would go down in the history books as the unknown scrapper who literally fought his way to the top and beat out the reigning champion.

The managers I couldn’t get, the representatives who looked at me and sneered, were going to eat every last you’ll never make it they ever said. I felt a few gazes from across the room and I glanced their way. They were from the reigning champ’s camp. They looked at me with a mix of surprise and disbelief—like they still couldn’t figure out how I made it this far without anyone to help me.

The answer was simple.


I jerked my chin in acknowledgement of their stare, and their looks changed.

To arrogance, to pity.

I rolled my head on my shoulders, enjoying the sound of the cracks and pops in my muscles. The arrogance,...