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Chronicles of Raan

Chronicles of Raan

Description : Chronicles of Raan
Three BDSM Fantasy Novellas

Salif watched the boy play, his hands moving faster and faster on the drums. It was a consummate show of skill, but there was an unearned arrogance to it. “Ah, young pup…” Salif thought, cynically. “Let’s see where you are in five years…” He exchanged a wry look with his friend Ibo D’Souza, who played the guitar in the band. Salif and Ibo were the grizzled veterans of the group. The others were young and innocent and dreamed of success. Salif and Ibo knew better. They loved the music, of course, but they cherished no illusions about the industry. The hours were long, the work was hard and the odds of success were not good.

The drum solo tapered down, slowed, and now, the rest of the orchestra joined, in a crescendo of sound. Salif’s palms stroked the djembe, his hands moving with the ease born of long hours of practise. His voice rose as he launched into song, filling the room with music. He could see the audience sway in response.

The sheet of lyrics in front of him lay forgotten. As the music filled him, the words appeared in his head, and Salif sang, gathering in the energy of everyone in the room, shaping it into sound, and releasing it back into the wild as a gift to the universe. He was only a conduit, the melody shuddering through him; his eyes closed, his hands clenched, as his voice rose, higher and higher, the trumpets blaring behind him; the young pup on the drums moving his hands faster, faster, the heads swaying, the feet stomping, the guitars strumming – it all rose...