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Damaso Claims His Heir

Damaso Claims His Heir

Description : Damaso Claims His Heir
Marisa squeezed her eyes shut, trying to gather her strength. She’d face him later if she had to. Now she needed to be alone.

‘I didn’t think anything, Damaso.’ She lingered over his name with dripping saccharine emphasis. ‘What we shared is over and done with.’

Her fingers closed around the door handle, but before she could tug it open a large hand slammed palm-down onto the door before her, keeping it forcibly closed. The heat of Damaso’s body epassed her, his breath riffling her hair as if he was breathing as hard as she.

‘What about the fact you’re carrying my child?’

She gasped. How did he know?

Marisa stared blankly at the strong, sinewy hand before her. She blinked, remembering how that hand had looked on her skin, the pleasure it had wrought. How she’d actually hoped, for a few brief hours, that she’d found a man who valued her for herself. How betrayed she’d felt.

‘Marisa?’ His voice was sharp.

She drew a jagged breath into tight lungs and turned, her chin automatically lifting, as he glowered down at her from his superior height.

The sight of him looking so lofty and disapproving stoked fire in her belly. She’d deal with him on her terms, when she was ready.


A high price to pay for giving in to temptation!

When succumbing to a night of unbridled desire, it’s impossible to think past the morning after!