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Dance for the Billionaire

Dance for the Billionaire

Description : Dance for the Billionaire
Chantelle Payne adjusted her long woolen skirt and straightened the hem of her jumper before pressing the buzzer next to the heavy door painted an upromising black.

“Yes?” The door swung open without a sound and she was startled by the appearance of the man who looked as though he had to stoop to avoid hitting the tops of most doorways.

“I’m here to see Mr. Armstrong,” she explained, fighting the urge to run back to her car and speed away.

“For what purpose?” The man, obviously a bouncer, looked her slowly up and down and Chantelle cringed inside. She knew that she wasn’t dressed appropriately. She’d had to rush out of her last lecture and had risked getting a speeding ticket to get to the club on time.

“I have an audition.”

The man’s lips curved into a smirk. He dismissed her chances with the single word, “Sure.”

Instantly annoyed, Chantelle straightened her shoulders, glared up at him and said with all the hauteur she could muster. “I don’t have time to stand here all day!”

“Sorry,” he apologized, seeming to remember that it wasn’t his place to assess her suitability. “Pleasee inside. I’ll tell the boss you’re here.”

Chantelle stepped through the fire door into the lavishly furnished club. Never in a million years would she have imagined that she would be here today, but life had...