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Eternal Destiny

Eternal Destiny

Description : Eternal Destiny
The castle stretched out in the distance, rising against the bright morning rays. They hadn’t eaten or slept in days, yet Sarah didn’t feel any hunger or fatigue; all she wanted was to meet the man who had last been with Liz, the one for whom Liz sacrificed her life.

The air smelled of morning dew and blooming flowers, promising a warm day ahead. Her breathing came in ragged heaves as she hurried to keep up with the others, only to stop midstride, frozen by something lingering at the back of her mind. She sniffed the air as though she might perceive what was wrong through the soft morning breeze, but she didn’t need her senses to know what was wrong. “He’s here!” Sarah whispered.

“What?” Frank spun in a slow circle, scanning the foliage. “You sure it’s him?”

She nodded, her gaze fixed on the nearby trees.

Adam gripped a dagger tightly. “We have three blades. Might as well put them to good use.”

“A knife? Against a freakin’ Immortal being?” Beth asked. “That’s like fighting off a great white with a toothpick!”

Sarah didn’t hear his answer as she took a few steps toward the dense bushes stretching to her right. She knew she shouldn’t be venturing out on her own, yet she couldn’t stay back and wait for disaster to unfold, particularly since she was Immortal and her friends weren’t. Something moved behind one of the bushes, the soft thuds making her jump. With shaking fingers she pushed the leaves aside to peer into the daylight...