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Every Which Way

Every Which Way

Description : Every Which Way
Everything in life came down to choices.

It was always a general thought that the larger decisions held greater consequences, but if you really thought about it, so did the small ones.

The fresh scent of coffee dominated the room. Severine took a deep breath and leaned back into the couch with a smile. The aroma always offered her a sense offort and left her feeling warm and sated.

She placed her cup onto the table in front of her and looked down at the textbook in her lap. The quiet environment merged with the soft music playing, helped Severine tune everything out and focus on her never-ending studies.

The leather across from her creaked and she looked at her friend Lily, who was slithered deeper into the chair. It looked like the world’s most awkward position.

“Umm...what are you doing?” Severine asked with a smirk.

Lily’s dark blue eyes bulged. “Are they gone?” she mouthed slowly.

Severine looked around the coffee shop, at the people sitting around them. There were only two other customers. One was some emo dude in the corner, brooding over a notebook, probably writing heartbreaking poetry over the turns in his life.

The other, a middle aged woman, sat in the center of the coffee shop and pretended not to be reading the romance novel in front of her. It was highly doubtful Lily was hiding from them.

“Who are you talking about?” Severine asked. She placed her books next to her on the couch and leaned closer to her friend.

Lily made a frustrated noise...