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Fallen Eden

Fallen Eden

Description : Fallen Eden

If anyone had a reason to wake up with a smile on their face, it was me, but this didn’t stop me from rising with a grumble every morning of this best worst summer of my life. I might have had a man in my life girls by the dozens were waiting in line for, but forces against our control were making sure he wasn’t in my life, at least physically. I rolled over in the twin-size bed—strategically selected, no doubt—checking to see if he’d magically appeared beside me while I slept and just like every one of the twenty-eight mornings before, I awoke alone.

With the discipline of a rooster, I announced morning with a groan that rumbled my pillow, scrambling after my dreams from last night before they got away from me, but my dreams were as evasive as they were sigh-worthy and I’d learned from experience that the faster I chased them, the further they got away from me. It didn’t stop me from trying, though. Another grumble escaped me, this one vibrating the walls of my bedroom.

“Good morning, Bryn,” a voice that was too cheery for this early in the morning emitted above the sound of coffee beans whirring in the grinder. “You’re sounding your normal jolly self this morning.”

And you’re sounding your normal chipper self, I thought, knowing why—she had the man she loved under the same roof as her, where she could love him without fear of retribution.

“I wouldn’t want to disappoint you,” I grumbled under my breath, knowing she could hear me one floor below in the kitchen. A perk to the Immortal life and while there...