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Fear: Falling in Love with An Alpha Billionaire

Fear: Falling in Love with An Alpha Billionaire

Description : Fear: Falling in Love with An Alpha Billionaire
Luxury Whitson

I met Victor twenty-eight days ago. If it was February, then I could at least say that we knew each other for an entire month before I fell in love with him. Nope, it was October.

Even before I could stop myself, I became lost to Victor's mesmerizing ways. It all had to do with his eyes. But this evening instead of hypnotic aquas, Victor’s pale, blue glare reached into my soul as we stood outside of a row of arty shops in Harlem. It was one of those nights, where the cold could chill you to the core, and a full moon provided warning. If only I had taken heed to the dreariness of the evening, before I decided to leave my loft.

I once lost myself to Victor oh so easily, and all too quickly. So for almost a month, I let my instinctse second to the desire that overtook my body at his sensual touch. Even then, Victor had this presence about him. A concoction of oxytocin, adrenaline, pheromones and sex had my mindless twenty-two year old self go dumb over the thirty-something Doctor Victor Finch. He exuded sex, and a plethora of other intense emotions.

The most provoking one being…fear.

As I gaze at him, fighting the way he control my movements, his presences rule me. In that detached tone of his, crisp air flow out of his mouth as Victor asked,“Lux, are you afraid of me?”

Yet, that sexy British accent that drew me to him in the past no longer holds weight. I bite my bottom lip as I glance downward from Victor's thick, jet-black hair. His sun-kissed skin entices me. The angles of his face remind me of a lion, with those full eyebrows,...