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Finding Out

Finding Out

Description : Finding Out
Online dating. Some were for it and some against. Me? I was somewhere in the middle. You see, I joined the ‘Find Your Soul-Mate’ dating site six months ago. Although, I’d never been on since filling out the form, until today. The reason being, I had no other choice now. I was desperate. My cousin’s wedding was creeping up slowly and I had a just over a week to find a date to take.

The truth, I had lied and now it wasing back to bite me on my huge arse. I’d told my bitchy cousin Leanne I was bringing my long-time hot, successful boyfriend Max. The only problem was he didn’t exist. This left me scrolling through the list of potential victims who could apany me on this date and pretend we’d been an item for two years.

The door to my office—out the back of the café I owned—opened and in strolled Helen, my best friend since we wore diapers. She looked great in her pantsuit. The sight of her had me thinking that I wished I’d have said I was a lesbian. At least then, I could have taken Helen and we would have had a fun night. Instead, it was just going to be awkward. Especially since my parents were flying in from Melbourne to go to the wedding, and they couldn’t wait to meet my serious boyfriend.

Yes, I had lied to them as well. In my defence, my mum kept hounding me about marriage and babies. They thought having a twenty-eight-year-old single daughter was wrong. That was only because my younger brother and sister were both happily married off.

Arguably, the happy part was still debatable.

Dragging the chair in front of my desk around next to me, Helen sat down. She slapped my hand away from my mouth because she hated my habit of chewing my nails, seemingly oblivious to my worrying over my whole life falling apart.

She pulled her long blonde...