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Her Bad Boy Billionaire Lover

Her Bad Boy Billionaire Lover

Description : Her Bad Boy Billionaire Lover
San Diego

The need to see her again had grown stronger with the passage of time.

He hadn't expected that.

When their marriage broke up and she'd left him for the pleasures her father's money could provide, he had trusted that time, healer of all wounds, would dull her memory until it was just an ache, and not a searing pain.

Instead she remained along the edges of his consciousness, like the ghost of a painting that shadowed the wall long after the canvas had been put away in some forgotten attic. The pain was gone but the sense of unfinished business remained.

"Six years," he said out loud, staring at the brochure that rested on his desk. Six years that had seen him climb to the top, his rise fueled as much by anger as ambition.

By the primal need to prove himself to the one woman he'd ever loved.

And now he would finally have that chance.

She was here on board the yacht. The last piece of the puzzle was about to snap into place and when it did he would finally be free of the past.

Everything about them had been wrong from the start. She'd been too young. He'd been too hungry. He had dreams she couldn't understand; she had expectations he couldn't meet. He'd moved too fast, wanted too much, been unwilling to settle for anything less than all he could get. He'd married her the way another man might claim a prize, as if taking her as his wife would somehow...