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Her Double Delite Angels

Her Double Delite Angels

Description : Her Double Delite Angels
Ava Donaldson was determined to get a good run in today. She could feel her heart pounding and the blood pumping through her veins. She felt good, she felt alive and still filled with energy.

“Oh God!” Ava yelled as she lost her footing on the dirt running trail and nearly fell. As she dug her heels into the pebbled dirt and nearly hit the tree, she slammed directly into a wall of steel. Ava grunted as her body made contact with something, and she sprang back, looked over her shoulder, and knew when she hit the ground she was toast. Before her body made contact, strong, thick arms wrapped around her midsection and pulled her back up, making her head spin right before her face hit that wall of steel.

“Oh!” She gasped, realizing that she hadn’t hit a wall, but a man, and boy was he big and rock solid.

“I’m so sorry,” he stated in a deep, sexy tone that did a number to her insides. She gripped his arms of muscle until she was able to gain back her equilibrium.

Looking up and up, she locked gazes with one very good-looking man. He had green eyes, crew-cut hair, and wrinkles near his eyes probably caused by the sun and that terrifyingly intimidating look in his eyes. The tight T-shirt, camo shorts, and heavy breathing all turned her on when she should have panicked. She immediately stepped from his embrace and lowered the hat on her head more securely. Keeping her head low, her hair tucked under the cap, she figured the man wouldn’t recognize her from Dixie Chix.

“It’s okay. I’m fine and it’s...