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Her Tiger Billionaire

Her Tiger Billionaire

Description : Her Tiger Billionaire
Annalise Conrad held the paper in front of her as if it was a ticking bomb ready to explode. The situation was surreal. And she wasn’t dreaming either. The document was a marriage registration. Once she signed it, her life would be dramatically changed. She would be the wife of Sven Torvik—the man who up until one hour earlier hadn’t existed in her life.

Sitting across her old kitchen table was Sven himself. Annalise guessed he must havee from Russia or Northern Europe, where the sun was shy and the winter was brutal. The cool, expressionless manner emanating from him could really freeze a room. Ice King, Annalise secretly nick-named him. Sven Torvik was also a man of imposing stature. He was in his mid-thirties on paper, but he appeared to be in his late twenties.

Besides being very good-looking, he was also tall and athletic. When he had entered her kitchen, Annalise noticed that his head almost touched the door frame. He must have been at least six feet five or more. He had dark auburn hair and piercing blue eyes. His wore a three-piece black suit that screamed expensive in every stitch.

He carried himself like those who lived in the upper crust of society. Every fiber of his being exuded raw power and absolute authority. Sven was supposed to be a man with great wealth, the kind of person who would never patron a lowly establishment like the diner where Annalise worked. The way he wound his way into her little crummy apartment in the rundown part of Brooklyn on this cheery Saturday morning was sort of a miracle.

She had been reading the employment section of the newspaper,...