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Description : Hired
My best friend Giselle is a call girl. A very high class, very discerning call girl but still, that doesn’t change the fact that she sells her body for money—lots of money. Of course, that wasn’t her dream when we were in high school together, never what she wrote on her career forms. But her destiny, like everyone’s, was set out in the stars, and she had no choice but to follow the winding path it took her on.

I love and respect her and have long since accepted this part of her soul. If she’s happy and healthy it doesn’t matter to me what she does to keep a roof over her head. Fate brought Giselle and me together the day I moved to my Aunt Belinda’s in Orlando. It was exactly one week after my parents had been killed in a car crash, and she was the only kid on the block brave enough to knock on the front door and call for me. Barbie in one hand, Ken in the other, she asked if playing mommies and daddies would make me feel less sad. Of course it didn’t, but having a new friend when I’d lost everything made me feel a little stronger about the future.

As the years went by, I realized the spirits had given me a sister in Giselle, and now, as I watched her fussing over a trailing display of exotic flowers on her marble mantel, I thought once again how lucky I was to have her.

At the moment I was officially down on my luck, my karma was all over the place and I was living in her sumptuous apartment after finding the courage to leave Sam. He’d cheated and lied time and again, and looking back I couldn’t understand how I’d...