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His Best Man's Baby

His Best Man's Baby

Description : His Best Man's Baby
Tae tucked her bare feet beneath her on the couch and answered her cell phone on the third ring, more than enough not to sound too eager. “Hello?”

“Hey, beautiful, what’s up?”

She rolled her eyes but couldn’t stop the grin spreading over her face. “Nothing much, stranger. What have you been up to?”

“The usual.”

She laughed and brought one foot out to study the polish on her toes. A pedicure was long overdue, but she tended to put them off in favor of getting more work done. Not like she dated anyone right now to care one way or another. “You mean eating executives for breakfast, right?” she teased her friend, Daniel—ex-boyfriend.

“Who me? Never.” The deep rumble to his voice washed over her like a caress, one she remembered all too well.

“Please, who are you kidding, Daniel? This is me. You forget I know you better than anyone. You didn’t make VP at yourpany by the time you were thirty playing tiddledywinks.”

“Do you know me so well?”

He paused, and she could have sworn he flirted, hoping she’d fall into his trap and admit she still had feelings for him. Tae licked her lips and pulled in a quiet breath. No matter how tempting, she would not give in. The ship they had been on together had sailed three years ago. They were good friends now and nothing more. Besides, the last she’d heard he...