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His Desire, Her Surrender

His Desire, Her Surrender

Description : His Desire, Her Surrender
Tabitha had been back at work for two weeks when she finally managed to free her mind of Marcus for more than an hour at a time. People were still inquiring about her Hawaiian vacation, and she simply told them it had been lovely. It had been, right up until the end and that pesky little being abandoned thing. But what were you supposed to say when you'd been to Hawaii? People didn't boast of bad times in paradise, and she didn't care to elaborate on the details.

Tabitha wondered if Marcus thought of her. Her heart longed to see him and her body ached to feel him. She pushed him out of her mind again, but he kept sneaking back in. Time. That's what she needed. Getting through the days right now, today, tomorrow, and the day after, would be hard. Once people stopped asking about the trip, perhaps it would fade into distant memory.

Tabitha looked up as her co-worker, Kim, approached her desk. "Tabitha, can you take these copies to Conference Room C? There's a client waiting there."

Tabitha rose from her seat, weing the break. "Sure, no problem." She took the papers and made her way down the hall to the elevator. There were all sorts of bigwigs in the building today. With a major deal in the works, there had been scrambling and rushed document production.

When Tabitha reached the closed conference room door, she knocked gently. She waited a moment before opening the door and stepping inside. "I have your …." The words died in her throat as she saw the man seated at the table. Marcus. It was Marcus. Tabitha simply shook her...