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His to Master and Enjoy

His to Master and Enjoy

Description : His to Master and Enjoy
Paige Palmer had only glanced at the online vacancy before moving on. However, bubbling curiosity had tempted her to return to the agency ad and study it in more detail. It was the sheer simplicity and the economical use of words that had drawn her back.

International businessman requires an executive personal assistant.

The successful applicant will hold the necessary qualifications needed for this challenging role. Live-in position near Colorado Springs. Must be willing to travel.

A live-in position in a beautiful part of the country seemed too good to be true, and she wondered if the whole thing was a scam. After all, there were plenty of those on the Internet just waiting to catch out the unwary and the unworldly, but the agency offering the vacancy seemed legit and above board, and there was no mention of any up-front fees. So, without too much expectation, she e-mailed her CV. The very next day a lady by the name of Maisy Collins telephoned, and offered her an interview, and now, some five days later she found herself putting a face to the voice on the end of the line.

Maisy looked over the top of her reading glasses and smiled. “Well, Paige, your résumé is certainly impressive. One of the best I’ve seen in fact.”

“Thank you.” It was strange how deceiving the voice on the end of a telephone could be. Before seeing Maisy in the flesh, she’d have laid odds that the lady now interviewing her, or should that be interrogating her, was at least fifty years old and weighed about three...