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Hot and Bothered

Hot and Bothered

Description : Hot and Bothered
To my sexy hero—thanks for taking this crazy ride with me.


Thanks to my amazing beta readers, Amber Lin and Monique Headley, for your insight and support. To the team at Grand Central for your faith in me and for my sizzling hot covers. And to everyone who has embraced my sexy chefs and the DeLucas, happy reading and buon appetito!

In the beginning…

Lying half-naked and spread-eagled with a hot hunk whispering encouraging words in your ear might be the fantasy of millions of women, but this particular variation was not doing the trick for Jules Kilroy.

“I need to bleedin’ push!”

“Not yet,” Doctor Harper said firmly. Her tough-as-old-boots OB must have been a sergeant major in a previous life.

Push, don’t push, deep breaths, shallow breaths… agh! Jules was trying not to act like she was the first woman to give birth, but it was her first time and blimey, the pain was excruciating.

“It’s not called labor for nothing,” the man at her side added, a knowing smile in his deep rumble of a voice. Usually that voice worked gangbusters to get her through the rough times, not to mention fueling a few luridly inappropriate fantasies, but today she just wanted to drop-kick Tad DeLuca’s beautiful face into the middle of the next millennium.

Instead of losing the plot, she made a conscious decision to breathe herself to serenity. From time immemorial, the entirety of...

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