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Lords of the Were

Lords of the Were

Description : Lords of the Were
Allie puffed as she tromped through the dark woods at Betina’s side.

It was All Hallows Eve, the night little American kids ran around in funny outfits gorging on candy, but to her mother’s people, it was a serious time. The turning of the year, the night when spirits roamed more freely than at any other point on the wheel of the year. The old ones called it Samhain, though many misconceptions about the old ways and beliefs had arisen over the years.

“Are you sure we’re safe up here?” Allie looked nervously around the dark woods. Born in the city, she’d only recently learned of her legacy.

The woods, which had been so pretty and colorful to her earlier in the day, suddenly seemed ominous and threatening.

Betina finally stopped, just shy of a large clearing. Before them stretched a nearly perfect ring of ancient stones overgrown with vines and plants, but still vaguely recognizable. A large flat-topped slab of rock stood in the center, seeming somehow otherworldly. A wispy shroud of fog rose around it, lighting the mossy surface with an ethereal glow.

“We are servants of the Lady. We’ll be safe here, honoring Her. It’s time you took your rightful place, Allesandra. It’s nearly too late already.”

The older woman’s cryptic words sent a small shiver down Allie’s spine. She wasn’t used to speaking so openly about her somewhat unconventional beliefs. She had a decent career as an accountant, making a good living serving private clients out of her home office. All she really...