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MAID in the USA

MAID in the USA

Description : MAID in the USA
Celine hummed a love song as she pushed the housekeeping trolley down the carpeted hallway. Today was going to be a great day she’d told herself, no matter that she was stuck in Cambridge for yet another summer when she’d much rather be back home in France with her mother and two rowdy little brothers.

She smiled as she thought about Marc and Sylvan. The ten and twelve year olds were probably driving her maman crazy at this very moment with their constant pranks and rough play. If only she could be home with them. She was the only one who could keep those two in check.

She stopped at the door to suite 1206. No time to dwell on that now. She had twelve suites to clean in the next few hours and she wanted to make a good impression. For the last two summers she’d worked at small hotels where the pay was minimal and the hours long. This summer she’d been lucky to land a job at one of the largest hotels on Main Street. She’d be earning almost fifty percent more than she’d made at her previous job. It was still a far cry from adequate but if she kept to a tight budget she might just be able to save enough to go home for Christmas.

Celine knocked on the door. No answer. She knocked again just to be sure then stuck her keycard in the slot and pushed it open. Gathering up a handful of towels and tiny bottles of toiletries she tucked them in the crook of her arm, grabbed the handle of the vacuum cleaner then backed into the room.

The presidential suite was magnificent...