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Marked By The Vampire

Marked By The Vampire

Description : Marked By The Vampire
“Are you quite certain that you understand the risks?”

Olivia Maddox straightened in her chair as she met the rather doubting stare of Eric Pate, a man with enough power to basically make or break her career. Pate was a big deal at the FBI, and if she didn’t convince him that she could handle this assignment, then he’d be kicking her out of that shiny office door any moment and her ass would be bouncing into the street.

Olivia cleared her throat and tried to appear like she was in control as she said, “I have a PhD in criminal psychology, and I have spent years studying and profiling some of the most infamous killers in the United States—”

He waved that away. “Fantastic for you, really,” he cut through her words, sounding everything but impressed. “But when we talk about sending you into Purgatory, well, we’re sure not talking about letting you mix and mingle with your run-of-the-mill human killers.”

Her heart raced in her chest, but she schooled her expression to show no emotion. She knew that he would be looking for a sign of her fear, and she didn’t want to appear weak before him.

Pate’s nostrils flared a bit and his green eyes narrowed on her.

“I am aware that the prisoners at Purgatory aren’t…human,” Olivia said. This was rather tricky. Most humans didn’t know about the werewolves and the vampires. They didn’t realize that paranormals were right beside them every day and night, hiding in plain sight.

Most paranormals weren’t looking to hurt or kill prey. But some…some...

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