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One Night

One Night

Description : One Night
Justin Holloway was bloody f**ked. No, not just f**ked. Fucked, with a capital “F.” He had barely made a splash in the London theater scene before his agent booked him this role. Gary said he was ready to be the lead actor inside an opulent Broadway theater in New York f**king City.

Justin wasn’t quite as sure.

How could he possibly be ready to play the role of Marius in Les Miserables? When he had told his agent he wanted to be on Broadway someday, he’d meant it that way. Some-bloody-day. Not this day. Not this early in his career. Les Miserables was only scheduled to be in New York for a limited run. It had been taken off of Broadway a few years ago, but he, Justin Holloway, managed to land a role.

A big role, at that.

But he didn’t belong here, in more ways than one. Usually, his accent stood out like an Oreo crumb in a cup of milk, and no matter how many times he walked home from rehearsal, he still got lost at least once each week. It was as if the city blocks moved locations overnight just to mess with him.

How bloody big was this city, anyway?

Guess it was time to find out. On his way out the door, Justin caught sight of himself in the mirror. He’d borrowed a stage crew shirt after a lunchtime mishap rendered his own shirt unwearable. If he didn’t succeed in the role of Marius, he’d be wearing one of these shirts for the rest of his life. But he loved the business too much to slink away into the shadows at the first sign of failure, hanging in the eaves, changing scenery and shining lights on the stars he’d once sung with.

Justin tossed his messenger tote over his shoulder, shut off the lights in the dressing room, and headed down the hallway. His footsteps echoed in the deserted corridor. The rest of the actors had gone home long ago....