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Owned by the Billionaire

Owned by the Billionaire

Description : Owned by the Billionaire
I gulped, knees quaking, as the auctioneer's distant voice echoed through the waiting room. "Up next: Sandra Blake!" The dark-haired girl next to me gasped and jerked to her feet, pale with fright. I met her eyes briefly, reading my own jangling nerves in her flickering glance, as the hulking escorts gently led her to the door. The chains on her ankles clanked as she walked, but she rallied her nerve, and left the room with her head held high, a sharp-edged smile pasted on her face. You show them, girl!

Straightening on the thread-bare couch, I closed my eyes and tried to slow my breathing. I didn't know "Sandra", hadn't even spoke to her, but her bravery shamed me. I had been a huddling, hyperventilating mess for the last hour, for no real reason. Taking a deep breath, I reminded myself that despite appearances, I wasn't really being sold into slavery. This was just an elaborate game of make-believe, a way for some rich freaks to get their rocks off. I'd make some easy cash and be free to go, nothing hurt but my pride and self-respect. Exhaling quietly, I glanced around the room. The auction was nearly over and there were just a few girls left, all of us carefully ignoring one another.

Idly, I wondered if they had all been recruited the same way I'd been, with that odd online advertisement: "Virgins Wanted! Your First Time Could Earn You Big Bucks!" I had nearly laughed when I saw it while looking for free-lance...