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Playing Dirty

Playing Dirty

Description : Playing Dirty
Dear Diary,

I didn’t know you could feel such pain and still live.

Country Day School, Upper School building

Thirteen years ago

AVA SPENCER DANCED down the hal way toward the cafeteria, her slowly swiveling and her plump shoulders grooving to the Goo Goo Dol s’

rendition of “Iris” playing in her head. She supposed she could’ve picked something faster, but hey. She was in the moment, feeling good.

Real y, really good.

“Ava! Wait up!”

Glancing behind her, she saw her two best friends hustling around a group of stragglers who, like her, were running late for second lunch. The

music in her head shut down as she waited for them to catch up, only to be promptly replaced by the everyday rhythms of school lunch hour: the

squeak of shoes against linoleum, the slam of an occasional locker door, the laughter of little kids out on the Lower School playfieldpeting with

the muted roar of the teens behind the lunchroom door just down the hal .

“What’s up, girly girl?” Poppy demanded, striding up to her. The bangles on her wrist clinked as they slid down the arm she raised to brush

back a curl that had strayed from the mass. “You’re looking exceptional y happy.”

“No fooling,” Jane agreed. “It’s not every day we see you boogie down the hal way.”

“I am feeling so fine.” If she felt any finer, in fact, they’d...