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Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

Description : Playing With Fire
“Please stop, Daddy. Please!” The little girl twisted and struggled desperately against the thick straps that held her down on the cold, metal table.

“Now, Cassie, be a good girl and don’t fight.” Her father loomed above her, wearing his white lab coat. He had a mask over his face, and all she could see were his glittering eyes. “This is going to make you stronger. Don’t you want to be stronger?”

He was going to put the medicine in her again. She could see the needle. It glinted under the bright light. So long and sharp.

“I-I don’t want to be stronger,” she whispered. She wanted out of that room. Away from him.

Far, far away.

“There are monsters in the world, Cassie. We have to stop them.” His voice had hardened. His voice was always hard and cold.

He looked like a monster. With the light all around him. With the white mask over his face. White gloves on his hands.

Tears leaked down her cheeks as he pushed the needle into her arm.

She screamed. It felt like fire was pouring into her veins. Her body started to thrash and jerk on the table.

He sighed. “That’s why I had to use the straps. I couldn’t have you hurting yourself.”

Her screams grew louder.

“Don’t worry. We only have a few more weeks of injections to go.”

She kept screaming. She couldn’t stop. She was burning. Her head banged against the table. Over and over. Black dots danced before her eyes.

“Once the transformation isplete, you’ll be our weapon. So perfectly cloaked...

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