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Red Moon

Red Moon

Description : Red Moon
Tristan rubbed his forehead and sighed irritably. He had grown weary of the man’s fawning from the moment he had stepped into the building, and with an impatient grunt he held up one hand.

“Enough. Show me the slaves.”

“Of course.” The old man bowed low and pattered nervously down the long narrow hallway. “Forgive me my lord; it is not often we have someone of your stature visiting.”

They walked out into the courtyard and the man stopped short, staring suspiciously at the large horses hooked to an empty wagon. There was a young man and a small girl sitting on the seat of the wagon and they stared back at him.

He glanced up at the large, broad-shouldered man standing next to him. “My Lord, how many do you need?”

“I require six.”

The man led him across the yard towards a second building. As they walked by the wagon, Tristan stopped and held his arms out to the young girl. She was no older than seven and she hesitated briefly before allowing him to pull her from the wagon seat and set her softly on the ground.

“What are we doing here?” she asked.

“We’re hiring some staff for our new home, as well as a nanny for you and your baby brother.” Tristan smiled down at the girl.

She didn’t return his smile, staring solemnly at him for a moment, “I can take care of Nicholas.”

“I know you can my love. But I think it would be best if you had some help.” He squeezed her...