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Red's Bear

Red's Bear

Description : Red's Bear
“Ah! This is so frustrating. I’m never going to get it.” She jerked the fishing pole out of the water and stared down at her empty line, the bait now missing.

“Yes, you will. It just takes a little patience.” Reaching over, he grabbed the hook from her, making sure he didn’t pierce her fingers with it.

“What it takes is being smarter than the average fish.” She pushed her bottom lip out in a mock pout.

His gaze zoned in on that full bottom lip. All day he’d been tempted by her mouth and more than once he’d wondered what it would be like to kiss her.

She licked her lips and the corners of her mouth trembled in nervousness. The small movement broke his focus.

He didn’t want to make her ufortable. Glancing away, he pulled a worm out of the bucket at his side, using that small moment to get himself under control. Other teens, his friends, were splashing around in the water fifty or so yards downstream from where he sat on the pier beside her.

“Not really,” he replied.

“It’s a good thing I don’t eat fish, because I would starve.”

Looking at her, he frowned. He’d never heard of anyone that didn’t eat fish. “Really? You don’t eat it?”

“I’m allergic.”

He became concerned. “Is it going to bother you to touch it...