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Rory's Mate

Rory's Mate

Description : Rory's Mate
Callie Marks sighed as she looked at the wedding cake on the table next to hers. She really wanted a piece. It was from one of the best pastry kitchen's in the city of Denver. Chocolate marble with a mousse filling and chocolate frosting.

No. No cake. She had already eaten enough from the incredible gourmet buffet at this reception to feed an army. The last thing she needed was a piece of that cake with enough calories to add a little more jiggle to her ass.

Callie had always been what one of her nicer foster mothers had called "curvy" when she was a teenager. Callie called it what it was...she was plump. She was constantly battling with an extra fifteen pounds that she didn't need on her body and was generally defeated by the call of delicious chocolate, rich foods and scrumptious appetizers.

I certainly went into one of the best fields to keep my weight down. I just had to be a chef.

She was head chef for a very highly regarded restaurant. Quite an aplishment for a woman that was only twenty-seven years old. She loved her job. She loved to feed people. There was nothing better than creating a new gastronomical delight.

Callie pushed her plate away from her. It waspletely empty. She sat back in her chair at the bride's table to watch the bride and groom dance.

Brianna Cole was her best friend. She had just gotten married after a whirlwind courtship to Ethan Hale, a rich, gorgeous and charming man. They looked so incredibly happy. Ethan looked entirely enchanted with his beautiful, slender, blonde haired bride.

Callie let out a long breath and tried not to feel a twinge of envy. She loved Brianna...