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Ruin Me

Ruin Me

Description : Ruin Me
When Jay proposed, I immediately began to cry.

And these weren’t tears of joy, mind you. These were frustrated tears because I really, really wanted to toss my arms around his neck and say yes, but I couldn’t.

I bet Jay wasn’t surprised. I bet if I had tossed my arms joyously around his neck and screamed my affirmations the euphoria would’ve lasted a day or a week, but soon enough the giant asterisk that hovers above our relationship would’ve popped the happy bubble.

I’ll say right off that the problem isn’t Jay. Jay is awesome. He’s my age—thirty-three—and he’s funny and smart and patient and I’m definitely attracted to him. My name is Robin. Jay and Robin. I mean, that’s so obnoxious it just has to be right.

Jay’s the only guy I’ve ever suspected I might want a child with, which is huge, since I’d always assumed I’d take a pass on that. He’d be a great dad. A stay-at-home dad, since he works out of our little house, writing reviews and articles about techie stuff. I like that he gets free smart phones and gaming systems before they’re released and he plays with them for a few days and types up his verdict in his hilarious, trademark style. I like it even more that as soon as the clock hits five thirty he tosses aside whatever toy he’s playing with and starts dinner. I like that he runs or swims every morning and that there’s one of those Bowflex contraptions in his office, and he actually uses it, three days a week. He doesn’t look quite like...