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Description : Screwdrivered
This book was inspired by a vacation I took several years ago to the mountains of North Carolina. Surrounded by the beautiful town of Cashiers, with the lakes and the mountains and the quiet and the peaceful, I wondered what it would be like to live in such a magical town. I wondered if romance simply bloomed naturally there, as naturally as the beautiful trees and flowers, or if it had to be cultivated like anywhere else in the world. I further wondered what it would be like for a secret romance novel junkie to be pulled from her everyday life and plopped into the middle of a fantasy. How would she react? Would she see romance everywhere? Like someone who watches lots of porn might begin to assume the pizza delivery guy is there to deliver his own special brand of pepperoni? (This is never the case, btw, in case you were wondering.)

And does a secret romance novel junkie begin to assume that all men have layers to peel? Would she assume that there is a hidden pirate king or lost prince inside every hunky body? Would she miss the real hero simply because he was dressed in tweed instead of swashbuckling buckles?

I scrambled up the ideas a bit, exchanged the mountains for the equally magical coastal town of Mendocino, and Screwdrivered was born.

But this was not an easy birth. No, no, chickens—Mama Alice nearly lost her already batshit mind over this one. This book fought me, kicked me, clawed at me, and tried to tear me in two. In the end, I won. But barely. And only because I had the most amazing team cheering me on and fighting alongside with me.

I’m talking about Team Micki...