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Serengeti Heat

Serengeti Heat

Description : Serengeti Heat
Ava Minor was looking for trouble and, from the look of the Bar Nothing, trouble was exactly what she was going to get.

She stood alone in the dusty parking lot of the rundown honky-tonk, listening to the gravel spray as the taxi driver who’d dumped her there took his slimy leer and his smelly cab off to greener pastures. She’d asked to be taken to the most notorious pick-up bar in town. Now she stood in the parking lot, paralyzed by an attack of be-careful-what-you-wish-for jitters. Ava Minor, the cowardly lioness.

Friday night. Even in this rural backwater, the bar would be filled with human men on a Friday night. Men who wouldn’t see the smallest, weakest lioness of her pride when they looked at her. They’d see a petite, sexy woman whose grace was just a little too feline, but they’d never suspect she was anything more than human.

More than human. That’s what she wanted to be tonight. For once more than human, instead of less than all the other shifters in her pride. Less strong. Less fast. Less worthy.

Now or never.

Ava tossed her head, flipping her long, white-blonde hair over her shoulder. Her hair brushed her bare shoulder blades, teasing at her sensitized skin. Anticipation ran through her like electricity, charging every more-than-human sense.

She wasn’t in the habit of making dramatic entrances, but when the heavy door slammed shut behind her and every alcohol-blurred gaze in the place rolled over her in blatant assessment, Ava struck a pose, planting a hand on one hip and arching her back.