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Some Like It Sinful

Some Like It Sinful

Description : Some Like It Sinful


“Clara . . . my sweet angel . . . I want to taste of you,” he husked, holding her gaze with smoldering need. “Will you allow me?”

She touched the tip of her tongue to her lips, the unwitting motion clenching the muscles of his thighs.


“I want to kiss you.”


“Not everything has a reasonable explanation, Miss Dawson. Indeed, there are some things that should be left a mystery.”

“Such as kisses?”

“Such as kisses.” He stepped until her soft curves were pressed to his own. Still holding her face in his hands, he lowered his head until he was a breath from her lips. “Give me leave, Clara. I will not steal what should be offered freely.”

“Yes,” she at last whispered. “Yes.”

With a groan he softly touched her lips, fiercely reminding himself she was an innocent. Certainly there was passion enough beneath her proper manner, but she had no experience with the darker desires. He must take care not to startle her with his hunger.

Unfortunately, his silent lecture did nothing to prepare him for the satin sweetness of her mouth. Barely sweeping over her lips, he gasped as a flood of pleasure surged through his body.

He had expected to enjoy her. A lot.

But this . . . this was magic . . .

Chapter One

It was a typical spring evening in London.


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