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Stripping the Billionaire

Stripping the Billionaire

Description : Stripping the Billionaire
Amanda Milton, known to all as Mandy for the entire twenty-four years of her life, knocked on Ben’s door, holding a six-pack of imported beer. She had a sofa-sized framed print propped up against her legs.

When no one responded, she knocked again. Then she tried the door knob.

It had been left opened, so she let herself in.

Ben was really sloppy about a lot of things—including locking his apartment when he went downstairs to work out in the building’s gym.

Mandy shook her head as she walked into his Spartan apartment.

There were dishes in the sink and at least two weeks’ worth of unopened mail on the kitchen counter. He had a tower of books against one wall—not in any sort of order, just one piled on top of the other as soon as he finished reading them—and there wasn’t a single picture on the walls.

The man was a mess.

She put the beer in the refrigerator, which boasted nothing but a pizza box and a couple of Chinese takeout containers. Even the cheap beer he normally stocked was almost gone.

Then she brought the print over to his old couch, a hideously ugly piece of furniture he must have bought secondhand.

This was a relatively expensive apartment building, so he must make a decent ie at the architecture firm he worked for. She didn’t know why he didn’t make even the most basic attempt to improve his living conditions.

She’d taken off her shoes—they...