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Submission and Surrender

Submission and Surrender

Description : Submission and Surrender
Sitting alone at the hotel bar, Hadley let out a ragged breath and wrestled with her emotions as she hung up with her lawyer, his words still echoing in her head. After two long years of legal wrangling, her divorce was final.

Tears stung her eyes, even though it felt like she could finally breathe again without the weight of her past sitting on her chest. Matt had been a lying, cheating bastard, and yet at one point they’d truly loved each other—or at least she’d thought they had. But that was before she’d lost herself in her work, taking on one case after another, and before Matt lost his job, started gambling away everything they owned and then cheated on her with some woman he’d met in therapy.

Trying to ignore the steady thump of loud music that made its way over the speakers, she took a long swig of her beer, thinking it ironic that she was a police consultant—a special investigator, no less—and yet she’d managed to ignore all the signs that’d been right under her nose. Part of her wondered if it’d just been easier for her to remain oblivious rather than to try to deal with a crumbling marriage.

And then Matt cleaned out her savings on a week-long excursion to Vegas with his girlfriend. That had been the slap in the face she’d needed.

They’d then spent the next few years with him promising to clean up his act and her hating him each time he’d lapsed back into his old habits. He’d refused to get help, and after she’d caught him cheating once more, that had been the last straw.