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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Description : Sweet Dreams
A shout out to John “Dukeboy” Wynne and Gib Moutaw for assisting with this book by advising me on all things football. Thanks for not getting impatient with my constant questions, for giving such informative answers and for reading blocks of dialogue to help me make certain Tate’s voice was real. I love you both to the deepest depths of my heart and not just because you explained the NFL Draft to me.


Chapter One


I sat in my parked car outside the bar.

It looked like a bar. It could be any bar anywhere, small town, big city, it didn’t matter. It was just a bar. Bubba’s bar, apparently, for it said “Bubba’s” in blue lettering on a black background in a huge sign at the top.

I looked out the window to my left. There were two Harley Davidson motorcycles parked there.

I looked back at the bar which it would seem might be a bit of a biker bar.

I looked out my window to the right. There was a beat up, old, blue Chevy pickup parked at the edge of the parking lot.

I looked back at the bar which would seem was not high-class and not high-brow. They probably didn’t even have martini glasses.

I looked at the window of the bar. In it there was a sign that said “Help Wanted”. In the little white space at the bottom of the sign was written, “Waitress”.

I pulled breath in through my nose. Then I exhaled,...