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Take a Chance on Me

Take a Chance on Me

Description : Take a Chance on Me
God was punishing her.

It was the only logical conclusion. Madeline Donovan had done the unthinkable, and now she had to pay.

Sister Margaret had warned her time and again, but she hadn’t believed.

Well, today she was a believer.

A bead of sweat slid down her spine as she took another painful step, wincing as the blister that had formed on her pinky toe half a mile back rubbed against the strap of her four-inch-heeled sandal.

Of course, she could take the shoes off, but then she’d be forced to walk barefoot on a deserted highway in the dark. Seeing as she was on the Lord’s bad side, keeping the heels on was the safe bet.

The wind whipped, swirling around her like a mini tornado as another car zipped past at eighty miles per hour....

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